Working with CMS Electracom to provide
A range of soft wiring solutions. To bring
Power and data access above or below
the work top.

– Dual tier cable basket 2 GPO 2 Data provision
WWK002SL – 950 wire way
WWK003SL – 1250 wire way
WWK004SL – 1550 wire way

– Dual tier cable basket 4 GPO 3 Data provision
WWK006SL – 950 wire way
WWK007SL – 1250 wire way
WWK008SL – 1550 wire way

– Power pole
SPT21AN – 2.1 m with ceiling flange and desk brackets
SPT28AN – 2.8m with ceiling flange and desk brackets

– Konex Module
Ideal for Managing Above Desk Power and Data

This is a small sample of cable management solutions Available.
For full range contact us.